COVID-19 Coronavirus Precautions

All of Married to Food Catering’s event planners, chefs, kitchen crew, drivers and service staff, thank you for your continued loyalty as we navigate the current health situation in our community. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be part of your special occasions. When you trust our food to your friends, family and coworkers, we know you are trusting us to be vigilant in our food safety practices. We will continue to prepare, serve and deliver delicious food for you to enjoy with confidence.

Coronavirus Disease Can Not Spread Through Food

It’s important to understand that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is not currently aware of any reports of human illnesses that suggest COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging.

Actions We are Taking Against Spread of COVID-19

Married to Food Catering is taking the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis very seriously. Fortunately, we already diligently follow Food Safety Laws and Guidelines which help ensure that we make food in a clean and safe way such as washing hands and surfaces often, separating raw meat from other foods, cooking to the right temperature and refrigerating food promptly. We strictly uphold all standard operating procedures regarding sanitation as well as carefully follow guidelines and directives from the CDC and food industry experts. We have heightened our protocol on all sanitation efforts, and partake in ongoing education with our staff on the preventative measures being continuously updated by the CDC regarding food, food handling and safety.

Food Safety Practices We Will Continue to Adhere To

– Clean and sanitize all surfaces thoroughly throughout food preparation and handling.
– Reinforce heightened protocol on all of our sanitation efforts.
– Educate our staff members on prevention, as provided by the CDC.
– Maintain strict hand washing guidelines.
– Ensure that staff members adhere to our sick leave policies, requiring staff to stay home if they do not feel well.

New Food Service Procedures Put in Place

– All staff will wear a mask at all times while around guests and wear new disposable gloves when handling food, serving guests or cleaning.
– We have switched to single wrapped utensils and individual disposable plates for appetizers with all catering orders.
– When employees report to work, we take their temperature and inquire about how they are feeling and send them home if they are not well.
– We require sick employees to stay home and provide guidance to the public to do the same if feeling ill.
– Where possible, we allow 6 feet of separation between tables at catering events.
– Our delivery drivers are sanitizing our trucks after every run.
– Hand sanitizing solution is available in all of our trucks for our driver’s use between deliveries.
– All hard surfaces in kitchens and communal spaces (light switches, door handles, refrigerator handles, hand sinks, paper towel dispensers, etc) are heavily disinfected several times a day with hospital grade sanitizer.

Catering Services in Greater Los Angeles, California

Over the years we have gotten to know so many of you just as you have come to know us. We will get through this together and we will continue to be there for your celebrations, office meetings and other gatherings. Whether it is full service catering for a special event or dropping off food; give Married to Food Catering a call to get started.

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