Catering Meals for Open Businesses During Pandemic in Brentwood, CA; Meeting Dietary Restrictions & More

During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses had to temporarily close their doors. Where many are still open to help serve the public, and few are allowed to operate with a skeleton staff, people still need to eat. Whether first responders, supermarket stockers or other essential employees, when you need to feed your business’s staff, you can help by providing in office catering. Today, we at Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to offer a few tips on catering for your Los Angeles, CA business.

Ask About Dietary Restrictions

To better accommodate your staff, ask the participants about any diet restrictions and/or food preferences. The easiest way to ensure you take every dietary restriction into account is to ask the staff to fill out a food questionnaire or email to the person in charge of food for the office. This help you learn about the staff’s food allergies and / or preferences of food they love to indulge in as well as possible foods that do not agree with them. Food allergies and preferences should both be taken seriously and respected when you plan the menu. Just be sure to ask them what food they cannot have that may conflict with both physical and even personal or spiritual beliefs and give them opportunity to use anonymity.

Easy Food Menu Options

Once you have learned about your staff’s diet restrictions and preferences, you can plan the menu. There is a plethora of options from exotic cuisines to simple standards that can be all delicious with the right caterer. A few food ideas are as follows below.
1) Deli Buffets: Being a crowd pleaser, deli buffet is a popular option as it typically includes finger food that’s easy to select. In addition to being simple, yet satisfying, you can select options that are kosher, gluten-free, and even options for vegetarians. More often than not, deli buffets include three types of meats and cheeses; sandwich spreads and condiments like mayo, mustard, and more; mixed green salad with a variety of dressings; potato salad; fruit salad or fruit; chips, multiple options of healthy and not-so-healthy breads; as well as a dessert tray of brownies, cookies, or both.
2) Box Lunches: Boxed lunches are another fan favorite among the staff. They frequently include sandwiches or wraps that are turkey, roast beef, ham, and vegetarian selections, that are offered options like gluten-free breads. They also have a piece of fresh fruit, chips and cookie or other dessert options as well as a variety of condiments and plastic utensils and napkins.
3) Build your own: As they name suggests, build your own usually includes an array of various types of fruit salads, soups, vegetable salads, popular desserts, along with entrees to make them full.
4) Beverages: With any meal, the beverages complete the lunch and having a variety is always nice. Options should be made ready such as flavored vitamin waters, milk, energy drinks, water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and other selections.

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