Gluten Free Catering Options in San Marino, CA; Food Safety, Menu Planning, Dietary Restrictions & More

In our world, there are many people that unfortunately suffer from some sort of food allergy. This can make a simple gathering much more complicated when food is concerned. If you are having an event catered, you need to know that the food there is going to be safe for everyone that will consuming it. Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie is here to share some tips to help you plan your gluten free menu for the next event that you are planning when gluten allergies are concerned.

Catering Menu Planning

The first thing than needs to be done whenever you are planning an event is to find out if there happen to be any dietary restrictions in the group you are planning for. For many dietary restrictions, including gluten allergies, the food that they consume can’t even so much as be prepared in a pan that has had gluten in it. This can mean that even if you have some dishes that are gluten free, they have traces in them if they haven’t been prepared in the right way.

Food Safety

Safety should be the number one priority whenever it comes to hosting an event. This includes safety with the food. You need to know that if you have someone that has a gluten allergy, you need to be extremely cautious when it comes to both the preparation and the serving. If you are serving dishes containing gluten, the gluten free dishes that will be prepared using the same pot or pan shouldn’t be cooked until that dish has been thoroughly washed with soap and water. When serving the food, you can’t cross contaminate the food by using the same serving spoons in dishes with gluten and the gluten free choices. You need to make sure you have the right utensils and the right amount of them so you can avoid this problem that creates a real safety concern.

Offer a Variety of Foods to Meet All Dietary Restrictions

When people first hear gluten free, they instantly think that their food options are limited. It is important to know that even if you need a glute free menu, you can have plenty of variety in the deliciousness you offer.

Communicating with the Caterer

When working with a caterer for your event, the gluten free needs should be expressed in great detail. Here are some of the questions that can be helpful when planning these events.
– How many gluten free options do you have?
– Are your gluten free dishes cooked separately?
– How to you serve your gluten free dishes to ensure safety is secured?
– What is your experience with cross contamination during serving?

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If you are planning an event and need to have gluten free options for your guests, you can count on Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie to deliver a wide variety of delicious gluten free menu items that will leave your guests raving about your event. Call us today!

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