How to Host a Luncheon in Inglewood, CA; Menu Ideas for Baby or Bridal Shower, Birthday Brunch & More

There are lots of reasons that people get together to celebrate and spend some time together. They want to make sure that they show their love and appreciation for many accomplishments and other events. Some people love to have a small intimate gathering and others want to have lots of friends and family around to celebrate. If you are looking for a way to create a great event, catering is the best way to take a backyard party to a beautiful event. The catering of food that has been handcrafted and created specifically for your event and chosen by the host is a great way to show you care about the event you are hosting. A luncheon is a way to have a daytime event that is still elegant and well thought out. If you are looking for a reason to host a luncheon and have it catered there are lots of times that it would be a great idea. Married To Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie outlines when you can cater a luncheon.

Baby Shower Luncheon

Do you have a family member that is expecting a child? This is a time in a woman’s life that they want to enjoy and feel loved. Being able to grow a human life and having a day to celebrate their upcoming birth is amazing. A mother to be loves to have a baby shower that is put together on their behalf and set up to celebrate their new bundle of joy. A baby shower is often hosted by a good close friend or a family member that is close to the mother to be. They might set up some beautiful décor and of course have some fun games to play. Lastly you want to have good food to feed all the guests and of course the mother to be as well. Having the luncheon hosted is a great way to ensure that this day is relaxing and enjoyable.

Bridal Shower Brunch

Another event that is usually celebrated with friends and family is when a women is set to be married. They are saying goodbye to their single life and entering into a union. One way that this is celebrated is to have a bridal shower. This is an event that often has lots of women from all walks of single life to married that have something to offer in advice to the bride to be. Most of the time this event is hosted by friends and has games and food. If you want to have your bridal shower a step above the rest you should call to have your luncheon catered.

Birthday Lunch

Celebrating birthdays is a big deal no matter the age you are turning. You might have a toddler turning two or a grandma turning 72 that you want to celebrate. A luncheon with balloons and other decoration along with a fun loving cake is a great way to celebrate. You also want to have food that everyone would love and catering is the best way to do that. You can hand pick the menu to make sure that you pick what you know your guests will like.

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