How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Long Beach, CA; Theme, Guest List, Invitations, Decor, Catering Menu & More

If one of your girlfriends is getting married in the near future you may be starting to plan her bridal shower. Bridal showers are an amazing way to celebrate the bride-to-be before she gets married. You can gather all of the current and future bride’s family and friends together to send her into marriage knowing how loved she is. Knowing how much the bridal shower will mean to your friend can make you feel some pressure when you are getting started. Today Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie is here to give you some tips to help you plan the perfect bridal shower.

Choose Date for Bridal Shower

The first thing you will want to do is select a date for the bridal shower. You will want to wait to select your date until after the wedding date has been solidified. Typically, bridal showers are held two weeks to two months before the wedding. Pick a date that works best for the bride. Not all of the guests will be able to make the date you choose work, but you are never going to have everyone attend so do not worry about it. If the bride likes the date and it works for you it is fine.

Bridal Shower Themes & Guest List

Once the date is set you will need to get your guest list together. It is important to know how many people will be there before you order invitations and pick your theme. The good news is that the bride and groom are already working on getting names and addresses together for the wedding, so you should not have to track down addresses for the bridal shower invitations.
You will want your invitations to highlight the theme, so before you can start working on invitations you will need to pick a theme. You will want to factor in how many people will be attending the bridal shower when you select your theme. The sky is the limit for bridal shower themes. Elegant tea parties, casual brunches, extravagant dinners, and everything in between are all viable options. Work with the bride to select a theme that will reflect her personal style and tastes.

Bridal Shower Invitations & Decor

After you have a theme you can start on invitations. You can make or order the invitations. Custom invitations can be purchased from various sites for a small fee. Make sure that you get them ordered and mailed out on time to get to the guests about two weeks for the shower. Now you can move onto décor. Having decorations for your bridal shower helps create the atmosphere you want for the shower. Decorations can be simple or extravagant. Do decorations that you can do without stressing you out.

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Next it is time to plan the food for your party. Since you already have a list of things to do for the event it can be such a relief to hire Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie to take care of this part of the shower. We can create a menu that will compliment your theme and décor. If you follow all of these tips we know that your bridal shower will be a complete success!

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