How to Throw a Successful Party in Marina Del Rey, CA; Choosing a Caterer & More

Southern California weather during the early fall continues to stay mild in comparison to many parts of the country, allowing the locals to indulge in get-togethers and parties indoors or outdoors. Amazing food only enhances the event and makes it more memorable. Today, we at Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie would like to offer a step-by-step guide to make your next party a success.

Party Planning Tips & Ideas

1) Choose a Party Theme: While the holiday season is coming up soon with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas being the major festivities, there is still plenty of time to choose something totally different and even incorporate complementary music, d├ęcor, food and ambiance. Consider your guests while you brainstorm. A few ideas for your theme include:
– Hawaiian or Tropical Luau
– Gourmet Pizza Party
– Finger Foods
– Fair Food
– Caribbean Island Party
– Breakfast for Dinner
– Beach Day
– An All-American Cookout
2) Know the Guest List: It is essential you know the number of guests planning to attend. There is a major difference when feeding five people versus twenty people. Not only do you need to know the number, you should also know their dietary limitations, especially when it concerns food allergies and trending diets are gluten and dairy free, so be sure to know who you are feeding.
3) Choose a Caterer for Your Event: Unless you are doing a potluck, catering is definitely worth the investment if you are having big party. For example, Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie offers a vast menu that will help you with ideas and remove a lot of pressure and stress. Catering gives you more time to socialize without sacrificing quality food. Catering offers gourmet food choices along with fresh fruit platters, roasted shrimp cocktails and grilled vegetable platters for your appetizers and delicious cocktails and other fine beverages when you opt to cater.
4) Choosing a Venue for an Event: Early fall in California can be brutal. If your venue is outdoors, consider options to cool down the space with fans, misters, and ensure your guests are well hydrated with iced beverages. Additionally, ensure the food and drinks are well protected from weather and pests by keeping it covered.
5) After Party Cleanup: Cleanup is the toughest. Catering can be an optimal option for this aspect alone. There are a few tips we would like to share with you if you decide to do cleanup yourself.
– Have a designated area to put any glass/ceramic or non-disposable plates you are using. Using just a few minutes of your time, make a printed sign of where used dishes are to be collected to help cut down on the hunt.
– An easy way out of excess dishes, is taking advantage of disposable plates and silverware.
– To help tremendously in cleanup, place big, barrel-sized trash bins around the party. Making trashing the waste more convenient to your guests will save you from a lot of aggravation.

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Whether you are having a fall party or want to prepare for the holiday mixers, Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie is eager to cater for you. We will help you plan the menu, prepare the food and take care of cleanup. Contact us to schedule your next catering event today.

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