Lunch Ice Breakers & Other Catered Corporate Team Building Activities in Beverly Hills, CA

Everyone knows how imperative it is that your team works well together in the workplace. There are several activities that are sure to help bring your team closer together as they enjoy a catered meal. After all, who doesn’t love good food? When you combine well planned team building exercises with quality catered food, you can’t go wrong. Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie is here to share some catered team building activities for your workplace to create more unity among employees to make your business successful.

Team Building Over Lunch Ice Breakers

Provide your workplace with an excellent catered lunch and have several work scenarios to work through as a group. You want the groups to be around 10 people, so you may have to split up into several groups depending on your group size. A fun way to split them up involves putting numbers on the bottom of the plates. The coordinating numbers will make up the groups as they use their problem solving skills and work together to solve common workplace scenarios. This will also help your employees get to know each other better.

Provide Collaborative Work Spaces

Make the place as cozy as possible; comfortable seating, plenty of food and beverages as your employees work together in this group. You can have a buffet of snack choices, or food platter available for your employees and require that they work together to consume all the food available during the group experience.

Off Site Meeting Agenda

Sometimes, being stuck in the office can get monotonous. Think outside the box and have a lunch catered for your departments that is off-site. This will get them out of the office and in a relaxed environment where they feel comfortable sharing more about themselves as well as learn more about their coworkers.

Creative Lunch & Learn Presentations

Schedule a speaker or an employee that has a particular hobby or skill they can share with the group to share information and experiences with the group. Have box lunches catered for each individual that will be attending and have the speakers make their sessions interactive. As the group learns about people that have similar interests in different topics, it will promote a team building environment for your employees.

Team Building Through a Cooking Class

Bringing your employees together and dividing into groups to take part in a cooking class can be an excellent team building exercise. It requires a different level of communication to learn to cook a meal together successfully and is something that your employees are likely not used to when they think about team building exercises.

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If you are looking for ways to bring your employees together, nothing will do it like the right food. Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie offer a wide variety of catering services to make your next corporate team building afternoon a success. Call us today to learn more about the catering services we offer.

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