Best Desserts Catering Menu in Hawthorne, CA; Creme Brulee, Mini Layered Dessert Shots & Chocolate Covered Fruit

When you are ready to take on a party at your house or an event you want to make sure that you have everything planned out. Now that there are people that are getting together and having time enjoying each other’s company again, they want to find ways to make it special. One way to do that is to plan out an event and to make sure that you have your event catered. The catering is a great way to have your food come in professionally and to make a great impression on all your friends. The wonderful thing about the catering is that you can choose the menu that your guests are served. This is a way to put your own personal spin on your night out. Although the food is a great addition to any party most people are looking at what will be served for dessert. There are some great desserts that people should have catered at their event. Married To Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie outlines what desserts are best for your next special occasion.

Classic Vanilla or Chocolate Crème Brulee

One of the top requested desserts that people ask for when they have an event planned at their home are small and individual options. You want to allow your guests to go over and choose which one is the best for them. When it comes to some of the desserts that are available a crème brulee is a great option. This is not only a delicious dessert that you can have at your next event but it is a fun option as well. The great thing about the crème brulee is that there is a sugary hard top on them that you can crack through to get the soft and caramel center. This is a great individual option to have at your next catered event.

Dessert Shots / Mini Layered Desserts in Cups

The small portions are a great way to let your guests have more than one dessert. This is a way to have smaller things that you can choose and have a taste of each type that is there. One of the more modern types of desserts that are on the list are dessert shots. The dessert shots are a general desert and give you the chance to pick your flavors. They are usually a cake mixed with some yogurt and topped with fruit of candy. They can a quick bite that you can pass around to your guests.

Edible Arrangements; Chocolate Covered Fruit

When you want to have an elegant sit down dinner you want to end the night with a glorious dessert as well. One of the best ways to do that is to have some chocolate covered fruit passed to each table at the end of the night. The fruit offers a sweet bite while the chocolate is a great way to give everyone that chocolate dessert bite that they want after a meal. You can choose to go classic with just strawberries or you can have an array of fruits.

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