Planning Buffet Food Options for Your Special Event in El Segundo, CA; Mimosa Bar, Taco or Sandwich Buffets & More

Whether you are preparing a wedding or related celebrating party, a birthday, a baby/gender announcement, retirement or promotion, or any other event you are hosting, having the food catered can help significantly help make your party a success. Many people are turning to buffet style catering options that can make the party a big hit. Today, we at would like to share a few clever buffet ideas for your next Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel and Jeannie catered event.

Creative Buffet Catering Ideas for Wedding, Birthday Celebration & More

Mimosas Bar. A variety of punches, such orange juice, peach juice, pineapple juice, and mango juice offers an exciting selection served with your favorite bubbly. Add garnishments such as peach or strawberry slices or even blueberries to add visual stimulation with a little extra flavor.
Sandwich / Crostini Bar. Allowing guests to select their own buffet style sandwiches is always fun. With all the veggies, spreads, cold cuts, cheese, and breads can help make their own custom-made sandwiches. This pleases most crowds and you can go a step further by including a salad bar, bags of chips, or other ideal sides.
Pizza Bar. For those with access to an oven, warm up the crusts and let your guests pick out their own toppings. Make your own personal pizzas are very popular.
Popcorn Bar. Having a popcorn bar with toppings like butter, caramel and chocolate is a fun way to commemorate the occasion.
Milkshake / Ice Cream Float Bar. Creating their own ice cream floats and sundaes is something many people find enjoyable. Especially if you’re having a summer wedding, whether it’s two scoops or three, let your guests enjoy a cool treat. For anyone who may require a dairy-free option, be sure to serve sherbet, lactose-free ice cream, or gelato.
Chili Bar. Have chips, chili, and the toppings. Creating their own bowlful of yum, this a great way to let your guests dig in. Especially on a winter wedding day, have a vegetarian option on the side and you’ll find that this is a big hit.
Breakfast Bar. If you have a pancake- and waffle-making station, where it is not uncommon to have a breakfast or brunch buffet and it makes it that much more fun. Make sure to leave out and enjoy plenty of toppings.
Taco Bar. A taco bar with hard shells and tortillas, fresh meats, cheese, lettuce, sour creams, guacamole and a variety of salsas and hot sauces can make it all the more spectacular.
Baked Potato Bar. Stuffed baked potatoes are always enjoyable. Having a large assortment of condiments from butter and chives, chili and cheese, nacho cheese and sour cream, or other creations can make this buffet styled catering idea a big hit. Also, serve a variety of flavors of chicken wings to satisfy the hungry crowd.

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Including beautiful centerpieces, especially when they are associated with the theme of the event, can also make the presentation all the more appetizing. For exquisite food catering in Los Angeles, CA, call Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel and Jeannie and let us assist you.

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