Catering for a Funeral Memorial Reception in Redondo Beach, CA; From Snacks to Buffet Luncheon Menu

There are lots of times in life that you may want to have an event to celebrate. The celebration can be for a big birthday that is coming, an anniversary, gender reveal or even a ladies brunch. These events can be small and intimate or they can be a big and lively event. The way that these events come together happens to be how you plan it out. You want to make sure that these events bring out the best of the people that are attending. There are different ways to cater these types of events to bring out the right feel. If you have a small baby shower then finger food might be the right thing. If you have a large party for a wedding then you might want to have a catered four course meal for your guests to enjoy. When it comes to celebrations they can be more than a big fun party. Sometimes these gatherings happen when there is a death in the family. Everyone mourns in their own way but most want to have those that loved and respected the person close by for a memorial service. Married To Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie offers tips for catering a memorial service.

Catering Snacks

One of the things you don’t want to have to think about when you are celebrating a loved ones life is where to get a snack or something to drink. A solution is to have the funeral or the memorial service catered in sections. One can be at the viewing where you have some people that are going to stay for the entire event. You have some that might be coming and stopping by to share their condolences with the family. This is a time that you want to be there and ensure that you make contact with the people that are stopping by. It’s a great idea to have some small finger foods available. These are great to grab to keep your energy up so that you can get through a long and usually tough day. The finger foods can be stationed around so that everyone as access and stay as long as they like.

Funeral Luncheon Buffet Menu

Now that the main part of the funeral has been concluded most of the time the closest family members will want to get together to celebrate the life and memories that they have. After a long and exhausting day of tears no one wants to sit around making food and worrying about how much they will need. The best thing you can do is to have your after funeral luncheon catered. This can be tailored to fit what you want to feed the guests. Some choose to have a full lunch that has been plated up and served but most use a buffet style so that the guests can choose what they want. Some people are not ready to eat a full meal while others need to refuel after a long service and preparation for the funeral. The food being catered during a funeral service is a great way to relive a lot of the stress.

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