Small Bites Catering for Gatherings in Santa Monica, CA; No Utensil Dinner Party or Event, More Food Choices & More

Most people are trying to find ways they can celebrate and have a good time with friends and family. The problem is that the regulations on groups are still limited to smaller gatherings. This can make it hard to plan an event that you normally would want to have all your friends and family at. This means that baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and parties all look a little different than before. One area of these parties that are going through some new trends happens to be with food. The way that these celebrations have been planned and the way that they are feeding their guests are a trend that is not necessarily new. Serving food at your celebration with single bites only is a great way to keep people feeling safe and comfortable. Married To Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie outlines why more people are choosing bite size foods.

No Utensil Dinner Party or Event

One of the things that most people are trying to do when it comes to feeding your guests is to eliminate things that other people may have to touch. That means if you are having your food catered and you stick with single bite foods you do not have to have utensils out for people to grab. They are normally placed on a table where other people can touch them or they are in a community place where they are not safe from exposure to germs either. The small bite options usually come on a single napkin or cup that you can touch and eat your piece and place directly in a trash can.

No Shared Foods at Gathering

When you have an event that is being catered they are many ways of serving different kinds of food. They can offer plated dinner or lunches, buffet style and even single service small bite options. When it is a buffet style, everyone has to go to the same table and touch the same serving dishes that the next person then has to touch. This is not a sanitary option if you have guests that you are concerned about getting sick or spreading germs to. The small bite options are great because they can be placed on tables or carried around so that they are not all in one place that everyone has to touch to get access to them.

More Food Choices

When you are serving food at an event or a celebration you usually have to get it down to a few items that most people will enjoy. When you go with small single bite options you can let your guests choose what they want. They can get a sampling of the ones that they like and pass on the ones that they don’t want to try. It is also a great way to offer several dessert options as well. These small bites are a great way to allow more options to your friends and family.

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