Catering Tips for a Successful Corporate Event in La Canada Flintridge, CA; How Much Food & More

When a small or large business holds a corporate event such as a holiday party, company anniversary, or even hosting visiting clients, many will use a professional catering service. When you are planning your corporate event there is a lot to consider, especially when reserving your catering service. Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel and Jeannie will share a few tips to help you make planning or creating your catering palette with ease and your corporate party a success.

Catering Tips & Tricks for Business Parties

Get a Headcount: It’s not easy getting a full headcount during a major corporate event. However, it can help to know how much food and drink you will need if you get a rough estimate. When planning a major event it helps to send invitations to all those who are invited and require them to RVSP to get a proper headcount. Invitations should be sent out well in advance, at least a month or even two before the scheduled event. If extra guests are invited such as a spouse, make sure they too are listed along with the RVSP as well. Additionally, give a deadline as to when the guests need to return their RVSP.
Have a Set Budget: With all major corporate events, there is budgeting involved. Your specific set budget can help you determine the food selection. If you are in charge of planning corporate events, were you given a steak and lobster budget or a hot dog and hamburger budget? Catering venues can range in price, so when selecting a catering service, the budget can help guide you in picking a venue. Remember catering services also vary. Some will supply waiters, linens, china and table décor. When seeking a catering service get a full estimate of the packages you’re reserving before you make your final plans and insure you’re still within your budget.
Corporate Event Theme: Planning a simple corporate party can feel like you’re planning a wedding. Often the boss may request a certain theme or wish a certain coordination of colors, flowers or even food. For example if it’s an Easter Party, the party should have pink, blue and yellow color décor alongside a fish menu. If you have a set theme find a catering menu that can suit your desired theme.
Dining Schedule: Some corporate events involve speakers or other mini events. Have time for your speeches and eating set. Coordinate with the catering service when you want food severed.
Catering Service: Catering services often provide waiting staff or food staff walking around with drinks and food trays to offer to the many guests, along with a full dining experience where they provide a buffet style menu of side, main dishes, and desserts. You may only require one service or both.
Selecting Menu Items: There is a lot to consider when selecting a menu. For example, dietary restrictions. A large corporation may have included guests with certain diet restrictions. Some may be vegetarians, or require a gluten-free diet, and then there are diabetics. When sending out RSVP invitations, consider adding a section for dietary restriction notes to help provide some information so you can better plan your catering menu.

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