Catering Menu for a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal in Culver City, CA; Easy Cocktail Party Finger Food & More

When you are planning a gender reveal party or a baby shower, there are many aspects that go into the planning to ensure it is a memorable event.   Food plays a big role in most parties and activities and the gender reveal or baby shower is no exception.   Having the food catered can save you time and effort from shopping, prep, and presenting the delicious assortments of food.   With Married to Food Catering, your baby shower or gender reveal party can easily have food based on your specific requests, including time, location, theme, and budget. We at Married to Food Catering would like to share ideas to implement into your catering for your gender reveal or baby shower. 

Easy Cocktail Party Finger Food Ideas for a Crowd 

You accomplish several helpful objectives by simply offering one or two bite finger foods.   You can reduce the cost for plates and flatware as well as volume of trash a party otherwise creates.  There is also more variety for your guests.  A general guideline is to plan for five to six different foods and two of each item per guest.  Even if you hold your event near mealtime, there is plenty of food for your party attendees as it all averages out as some people eat more and other less of something.

Spread Out Party Foods 

Set out the food stations or platters scattered throughout the space to keep the party flowing.  As they pass by or stop to chat, they have interesting and tasty looking items within hands reach.  You can also avoid the congestion that tends to build up if you offer your food all in one location by spreading the offerings around the room.  This tactic also helps keep food available throughout the event as it discourages the people with eyes bigger than their stomach and not wanting to wait in line again.

List of Many Party Foods

Guest dietary restrictions should be a consideration. Having an assortment of options helps ensure everyone has something to eat, even if they are limited on the menu.  Be sure the mom to be dietary restrictions are known, as she will be the most likely to have them.   Use your best judgment and avoid food she loves but can’t have.  If possible, ask your guests about food allergies and restrictions as well.  A few vegan or vegetarian options are also ideal to include.

Avoid Food as an Art Medium 

Many people consult their internet’s search engine for planning inspiration.  With the variety of blogs, articles and pins with ideas for pink and blue food. Though they are adorable, they are staged by a food stylist and photographed by a pro.  A professional caterer can take care of the menu and the guests will appreciate the high quality food items that haven’t been altered in an unappetizing way by the adding the additives and colorants.  Count on the décor to establish your gender reveal or baby shower theme.

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Married to Food Catering has the experience and skills to present the ideal food menu at your baby shower or gender reveal party.   Call us today to discuss the details!

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