Cocktail Style AKA Food Bar Dinner Wedding Reception Activities in Redondo Beach, CA

Cocktail dinner style at a wedding reception is a popular option for the big day in recent years; it is also commonly referenced as ‘food bar‘ reception. The concept is where the format for the evening is like a cocktail party, where the mingling guests reminisce throughout the evening as they are served hors d’oeuvres from servers who are continually making their rounds among the guests as well as food bars or stations available. Today, we at Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie would like to elaborate on cocktail dinner style at a wedding reception.

Guests Can Mingle at a Cocktail Party Reception

With the food bar reception you can center the theme for your menu around family heritage or traditions, or your personality. A really big part of a cocktail style wedding is the food and enjoyment as opposed to a formal sit-down dinner. With this setup, your guests can mingle more, eat when they are ready, and it can make for a more memorable experience which also reduces the formalities where people can be more relaxed.

Cocktail Party Reception Requires Less Decor

Another incredible benefit is reducing the need for décor at the wedding, as you will likely need less table linens, chairs, and centerpieces because you are not creating a dining room. Where the pricing for the food is concerned, this format is not necessarily less expensive than a dinner, however, the formal dinner can be more expensive as a set meal for your guests as opposed to more of a sample at your leisure concept, however, the smaller items, requiring more ingredients and more labor involvement can add up as well.

Cocktail Party Menu

Making your cocktail dinner style at a wedding reception work is to start by informing your guests. Where this is a recent trend, there may be a few people who do not know how it works. This will reduce confusion and offer more communication for comfortable seating arrangements. You introduce different food and various phases through the night. This way, there is always something new being offered to guests as the party progresses. This will help keep things fresh and people can experience a variety without being overwhelmed with options.

Wedding Reception Activities

With this format, mingling is encouraged. You can do this by providing random seating for your guests that is not assigned. Keep room for dancing and circulating for chit-chat. You can also have activity stations around the reception venue where people can have more interactions. Such activities include:
– Writing a note to the bride and groom of congratulations.
– Answering a skill-testing quiz about the bride and groom.
– Guest book signing.
– Provide a story about the bride or groom that will be shared at the time of the speeches.
– Or other related activities.

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Another option is to have an itinerary that coordinates speeches with the food. The toasts and speeches can be scheduled as a natural break in between the next phase of food; among other options. To discuss your cocktail party or other wedding reception dinner styles, contact Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie today to discuss the details.

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