Holiday Party Catering Tips in Santa Monica, CA; Food Menu Ideas for Large Groups & More

The Holiday Season is upon us. It is the season where friends, families and businesses everywhere come together and celebrate. The holidays bring Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years which focus on bringing people together. It is this joyous time of year that family, friends and businesses will provide elaborate and festive gathering places for various parties. It’s definitely not too early to start planning! If you find yourself involved in planning one of these major holiday events, you are probably wondering how to handle the food and drinks. Catering is one of the most valuable services you can use for special occasions. Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel and Jeannie will share a few tips on planning a holiday party as well as your catering service.

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Dietary Restrictions: When planning out your catering menu, make sure you have a diverse menu on the table. There are those with food allergies such as shell fish, or nut allergies. Others may have a more restricted diet because of certain medical conditions such as diabetes. When selecting the menu, make sure you have food for all dietary types and needs.
Food Mixes: It is always safe to have classical holiday food groups on the menu. However, don’t be scared to mix it up with some international foods and dishes. A diverse menu is always a blast at any party especially during the holidays. So when planning, don’t feel like you must stick to a singular food group or menu.
Guest Estimate: In order to make the proper arrangements with your catering service, it is good to get a head count of attendees. Make sure you send out invitations with an RSVP requested to get a proper head count of who will be attending your holiday event. This way you can get a better estimate of how much Hor D’oeuvers to order as well as the drinks, main dishes and desserts. Catering services vary from buffet style, custom food stations and caterers. All need to be accounted for which will depend on the number of guests that will be attending the party.
Professional Reflection: When selecting a professional catering business, know that it reflects on you. When hiring a catering service make sure to do a little homework. You will want a quality catering service, so begin looking through reviews for not only quality of food but of the catering service as well. If you will be hiring caterers to pass food and drink to your guests, you will want to ensure professional and courteous service. When hiring you definitely want good reviews on the food as well as the customer service provided.

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Catering services for holiday parties and events can help take much of the stress out of the planning. Holiday party planning needs to begin now in order to get a proper head count of guests and selection of menu. If you are looking for a professional and reliable catering service with an amazing menu, contact Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel and Jeannie today.

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