Food Safety in Catering Industry in Calabasas, CA; Importance of Food Hygiene, Safe Handling Practices & More

There are many events in life and circumstances that take advantage of a caterer. With food often being the center stage, whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding and anything in between. Catered food means great food and you do not want to let down your crowd. Having a remarkable chef prepare the food is the first step, but you also want a chef that ensures your food is handled and prepared with the highest levels of hygiene, storage and handling. Today, we at Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to stress the importance of depending on a chef that not only has a passion for great food, but maximizes the safety of the food you and your guests will consume.

Advanced Food Safety Equipment

To produce the highest quality food, a good caterer has some sophisticated equipment like boilers and refrigerators. When it comes to the production of quality food for a big number of people, advanced equipment plays a vital role. To make certain the foods meant to be hot are indeed hot, the boiler is used to heat food at super high temperatures. It has exact temperature readings so the food remains safe.

Safe Food Handling

When it comes to food safety, food handling is critical, and needs be done as professionally as possible. Since they have the necessary skills required, unlike you, who lack the proper training to handle food, a good caterer guarantees their work. The process of transporting it from the point of purchase to storing it, preparation and cooking it requires diligent food handling. To avoid cross-contamination, all types of foods have to be transported and stored in different compartments of the freezer. Since the starch will react with the air to form harmful compounds, some other types of foods like potatoes must never be prepared too early before the event.

Safe Food Preparation Practice

Caterers understand how to maximize safety. Details such as temperatures and time are paid close attention to. There are foods that should and should not be cooked at higher temperatures. The chemical composition is changed should low-temperature foods be cooked beyond the recommended temperatures, if that happens, they are considered poisonous and should never be consumed. Additionally, they also change in terms of chemical composition when some types of foods should never be mixed with others. Preparing food for your guests in the safest process as possible to avoid food poisoning is where the caterer comes in.

Importance of Food Hygiene

One of the most critical aspects of food handling is food hygiene. Before touching any food, a caterer who is conscious of food safety should always clean their hands thoroughly. To avoid picking up bacteria and germs from such surfaces, caterers clean the chopping board. To prevent the growth of bacteria and germs that would otherwise compromise the food, they also clean the cooking pots, boilers, and the fridge in the best way possible. When catering to your guests at the venue, they also adhere to hygienic professional service as well. You can trust the caterer to deliver on hygiene when handling food for your guests since a caterer spends most of their training period doing this.

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Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel & Jeannie takes all the precautions to ensure the food you order for your catered event is well-preserved and safe for consumption. With delicious food you can be confident will not cause health risks, you can sit back and enjoy the event you are hosting! Call us to schedule catering for your next event today!

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