Catering Event Planning in Beverly Hills, CA; Best Menu Choices & Meal Options for Guests in Attendance & More

After a thorough search, you have chosen the event venue and found the perfect caterer for your event. To explore unique event menu items, your catering company is innovative, collaborative, and excited. No matter the event, requiring a caterer takes some planning all on its own. With this in mind, we at Married to Food by Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to offer the different options for your catered event.

Catering Event Options

You will need to determine what type of event catering service is best suited for your event before heading into planning the menu. There are three primary options that include
a plated meal, buffet and food stations. Events are workable for breakfast, lunch or dinner service. As what most people refer to as a sit-down meal, a plated meal is generally implemented in more formal events and generally more expensive. For a plated service meal, plan for around two hours. Work very well for breakfast, and lunch, and usually cost less, buffets can take less time. For any guest that would require assistance at the buffet stations, be sure to make accommodations for any guest. Food stations are perfect for shorter events, such as evening networking events or cocktail receptions) prior to a sit-down meal, finally. There are some points to remember while planning your meal, whatever type of event catering service works best for your event.

Meal Options for Guests

– Consider the ethnic backgrounds of your guests and what foods they prefer.
– Account for the general age group of the attendants. If this is a corporate event, charity fundraiser, 50th wedding anniversary, or a sweet sixteen party can include a variety of choices on the menu.
– Differentiate if this formal event is like a celebratory occasion or professional affair.
– Identify if these guests commonly attend events similar to the one you are hosting.
– For different food preferences, offer a variety of menu options
– Any religious food requirements should be made aware of
– Consider dietary restrictions and food allergies
– Be sure to include healthy food and vegetarian or vegan selections
– Suggesting choosing three entrĂ©e options, multiple sides, different salad dressing choices, and two dessert options
– Provide both lighter and richer choices
– Seasonal dishes and themed meals
After you decide on the layout, food options, and serving dynamics, there are some more planning to do. As you make your final decisions, consult with your professional catering team will be a bountiful resource of suggestions.

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There are many food options that can go well with your event, no matter the dietary or allergy restrictions, the demographic you are catering, and the theme you may be wanting. When you need a caterer in the Greater Los Angeles, CA area, the professionals Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel & Jeannie can assist you with mouthwatering food and beautiful spreads. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we can help you with catering needs.

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