Hosting a Safe Meeting or Event During COVID-19 in Signal Hill, CA; Innovative Food, Choosing Venue, Seating & More

As the country continues to reopen in phases and keeping safety as a priority, many businesses are getting back to their place of work. Whether you want to provide welcoming expressions or simply need to host a meeting or work event, you will likely want to cater the food. Today, we at Married to Food by Chef Marcel and Jeannie would like to discuss how to implement safety for your meeting or event with COVID-19 safety standards in Los Angeles, CA.

1) Develop Standard Operating Procedures for Health & Safety

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) that prioritize health and safety are absolutely critical, even for social events in the world of COVID-19. Some recommended SOPs include:
– Before, during and after the event, surface disinfecting the high touch surfaces like serving areas and guest tables should be treated.
– Wherever possible, social distancing, and mandatory PPE if not possible.
– Making sure that everyone is wearing masks is critical, as the personal protective equipment provided to the employees with branded masks according the specific business.
– With no touch hand washing supplies, limit restroom occupancy.
– Set up extra hand washing stations around your event space that guests and staff have access to and ensure constant hand washing.

2) Carefully Choosing a Venue for Event

As COVID-19 recovery develops across the country, the CDC guidelines are being updated constantly. Developed by the state and CDC, it is key to follow the latest event capacity guidelines. To help you and advise on recent guidelines and fitting venues, our team of experts.

3) Event Seating Arrangement

You’ll have to think about the seating arrangements after you’ve selected the ideal venue. As the event layouts during COVID-19 will look different, this is a time to get creative. Consider tilted seating arrangements so no one is directly in front of another person, spaced-out lounge areas outdoors, families seated together at social celebrations, limited seating for more intimate conversations at rounds, and so forth.

4) Social Distancing Communication

Plans and procedures for an event are not useful unless they are effectively communicated pre-event to both employees and guests. To encourage social distancing and effective ways to wear PPE, signage plays an important role. Spacing markers at spots like buffet lines and restroom lines is also helpful.

5) Guest Arrival Timeline

Especially during COVID-19, timelines are vital for any event. You can stagger guest arrivals with a ticketed arrival time to ensure proper temperature screenings and less occupancy at the venue, the CDC recommends using creative timelines. Due to the enhanced safety measures, the only thing you’ll want to make sure of is communicating the importance of arrival times to your guests.

6) Innovative Food Options

Though we are working with families and teams to craft menus that are inventive in the way that we’re serving up delicious eats while adhering to the new normal, every event will have its unique requirements. Many caterers are avoiding self-serve stations or displays to limit communal interaction and multiple food handling for now. You limit the opportunity for contamination by centralizing service or providing individually packaged food and beverages.

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