How to Calculate Food Portions for Catering an Event in Seal Beach, CA; Appetizers, Side Salads, Desserts & More

It can get hectic quick planning an event. The details, from the big ones down to the minute ones that few will even notice, will all need to be organized. Your stress levels can become even more compounded when you add catering services to the mix. The last thing you want to do is have too little food, but having too much food can even be worse as you plan your catered event. B in perishable goods and your budget, too much can quite wasteful. Today, we at Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to offer some recommendations to help you find the right amount of food.

Types of Special Events

First thing that needs to get nailed down is knowing the basics of the event, including type. Examples are business lunch, a wedding, a funeral reception, a birthday party, or some other type of corporate or personal event, since it is important to know the audience and the setting. People who are sitting at events, such as a corporate presentation, a business lunch, a wedding reception, or even a funeral reception, have a tendency to eat more than those who are at a board meeting or something more active any many industry experts note this as a general rule of thumb. It might be a good idea to order a little bit extra you are planning for an event where people are feeling more casual or relaxed.

Time of Event

When planning a catered special event, another important element is to consider the time of the event. A huge role is played into the factor of time of day and in whether or not people will be hungry for a full portion, or if something like finger foods and light snacks will suffice. It’s often said that people tend to drink more than they will eat when it comes to early mornings and breakfast catering. Limiting the breakfast options to a continental buffet style and having ample coffee, tea, and orange juice on hand is adequate. When ordering, you will want to be sure that every person is accounted for your lunch events. In case a few stragglers show up, or in case someone is extra hungry, plan for a couple extra box lunches.

Event Timeline

You should consider be set with one meal — 2-4 appetizers, one main dish, and a side, per person should the event is only slated to last a couple of hours. You are going to want to plan for the works, if it is an extensive event that will last throughout the day, however. For each person in attendance, consider things like appetizers, side salads, and even dessert.

Menu Planning

If possible, get a headcount and RSVPs when planning for a catered event, this is the best advice. This gives you a more accurate idea how much food you are going to need since people will know what the menu is going to look like and let you know whether they are planning on eating.

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