Is Self Catering Your Wedding Right for You in Rolling Hills, CA? Why Hiring a Professional Event Caterer is Best!

A popular topic in bridal and wedding forums is self-catering, otherwise known as DIY catering; presumably so that couples can stretch their budget. It is important that you understand all the factors involved before making this decision. After you take the time to look into this option, you may find that the cost and time requirements are both simply not in you budget, and you may want to reconsider your DIY catering. Today, we at Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to further elaborate on the pitfalls of DIY Catering.

DIY Wedding Catering

A self catered wedding is exactly what it sounds like; the bride, groom, families and friends handle every aspect of the food. Self-catering is more work than it sounds. Below are just a few of the basic tasks involved in DIY catering:
– Transporting the food, cookware / warmers, plates, glasses, silverware
– Setting up
– Planning the menu
– Purchasing ingredients
– Preparing the dishes
– Serving
– Cleaning up
– Tearing down
Some couples even take their DIY catering a step further and include preparing their own wedding cake in their self-catering efforts.

True Cost of a Self Catered Wedding

Self-catering involves much more than just preparing food. Not only do you have to buy all of the ingredients and food along with providing all the service items necessary for your guests to eat, you will also need to buy the supplies for setting the food including various sized plates, napkins, cups and flatware. Additionally, you will need the supplies for setting up the food, such as chafing dishes, serving bowls and plates, tongs, serving spoons and display stands. There is also serving tables, tablecloths, d├ęcor and looking for volunteers of people to staff the serving tables, replenish food and clean up spills and messes; along with someone handling the teardown and cleanup, as well as disposing of or packing up the leftovers. Unlike a professional who can calculate the numbers, you will wonder how much food needs to be prepared, how much can be stored. No only does all of the above need to be considered but you must be positive you have enough knowledge of food handling to make certain no one gets food poisoning. Transporting the food to the location while maintaining the temperature range of each dish is a must.

DIY VS Hiring a Professional Wedding Event Caterer

Ultimately, before you decide on trying to cater your own wedding, ask yourself the following questions:
1) On the week prior to your wedding day, and on the big day itself, do you really want to be spending time messing with the food or worrying about?
2) Do you want to pressure loved ones to take on the burdens?
3) Are you willing to risk the quality and success of the food?
4) Do you want risk giving your guests food poisoning?
5) Did you budget the entire cost of self-catering and comparing to professional catering?

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Before you make the final decision, be sure you weigh in all the pros and cons, cost, and man power. When you realize it is not only more cost-effective to cater, but you want delicious, quality food, call Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie and let us take care of your wedding.

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