Holiday Party Catering Event Planning Tips in West Hollywood, CA; Book Caterer Early, Decide Guest List & More

With fall in the air, now is the time when holiday parties are scheduled, whether you are having a social gathering among family and friends, or a need to plan a company soiree, preparation and planning is necessary.  Today, we at Married to Food By Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to offer tips to cater your holiday party.

Book Your Caterer Early

You want to make sure you call your caterer early as the best caterers will book up fast during the holiday season.   To be sure to get the date you want, early booking helps.  Make sure you call as soon as you confirm the date and location.   For good measure, booking the caterers for the following year can help ensure your spot! 

Plan Holiday Party on a Weeknight

Friday or Saturday night is the most common day of the week for a holiday party.  Keep in mind, premium prices are often charged on these buy weekend nights.  To have a better chance of getting the caterer you want at a reduced price, consider picking an off night, like a weeknight or even a Sunday afternoon. 

Know Guest List when Planning Holiday Party Menu

Knowing what type of food, you can and cannot serve is one vital step in having a successfully catered party.  Ask guest list if there are diet restrictions including food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, celiac disease and other probable issues.  If planning a corporate holiday party, before talking to your caterer, send out an office email poll, to know what sorts of dietary restrictions or limitations your attendees have.   In order to create a appropriate menu to be planned, let your caterer know these restrictions or limitations up front. 

Event Management Plan Checklist 

Providing a wide array of services, there is a wide range of catering companies that are available.  As far as what the company will provide, make certain the details of your contract are completely clear including such examples as the service options, decorations, food, and service equipment, among others. Not having the proper serving utensils or ensuring the food arrives too early or too late can all be avoided with proper detailed planning.   You can make certain that the event will be a success by having everything clearly laid out.  This allows you the opportunity to better to enjoy the party you planned. 

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With Married to Food By Chef Marcel & Jeannie, our team of specialists offer holiday party catering services.  This holiday season can help you gift yourself with a treat of more time and less stress.  With our festive catering menu, you have more cheer to your office holiday parties or your personal properties.  With our exquisite food, experienced catering, and exceptional skills, we can help you plan the best menu for your holiday parties, whether if it is a business party or a party for family and friends, Married to Food By Chef Marcel & Jeannie is your trusted professionals.   Call us today to discuss the details of your holiday party and how are catering expertise can make it even more successful.

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