How to Cater to a Small Group in Los Angeles, CA; Buffet Style Catering, 4 or 5 Course Meal & Outdoor Events

One of the things you want to do now that people are getting back together is to plan some of the events you may have missed out on. This can be weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings and more. You want to make sure your welcome back to your friends and family is one to remember. You can have your event one that is not only a fun event but it can have the best food. The other part of the event is that most areas are still not allowing large groups so to start out you want to start small. These smaller and more intimate groups can be a great way to enjoy. The food can be the star of the show and even if you have a smaller event you can enjoy some amazing food that you don’t have to cook yourself. Catering is a great service to hire at your next event whether it is small and intimate or a large group. Married to Food Catering with Chef Marcel & Jeannie outlines what you need to know about catering your small event.

Buffet Style Catering

One of the great things about a small group is that you have the ability to create food in any manner you choose. You can use a buffet style catering service that is set up so that your party can enjoy the food at their leisure. They can go get the portion that they want and go back for seconds of the things they really love. The buffet option can still be served with many of the foods you know and love. You want to make sure you talk about the types of food you want to see on your menu. This is also a great way to serve the food if you have a mix of ages that are coming. The younger kids can be served by their parents so that they are not taking foods that they know they will not eat.

4 or 5 Course Meal

You can also come out with a more sophisticated menu that is served to your guests one course at a time. They courses can be laid out so that you get a great appetizer, main course, fish course followed by a great dessert. You want to make sure that if you want to offer a sit down catered and coursed menu you talk with the chef about exactly what you want to see. This is a great way to treat your guests to amazing food and let them sit back and relax so that they can enjoy the company.

Outdoor Catering Events

There are some groups that want to have a more open and easy atmosphere. The atmosphere can be relaxed so that your guests or your family can enjoy the day and the weather. The great thing is you can have a barbecue style event that has lovely grilled foods and sides that are amazing and on hand so that your guests get a good home meal feeling.

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