Kid-Friendly Catering in Marina del Rey, CA; Fruit Wands & Rainbow Cupcakes Food Menu for a Children’s Birthday Party

Birthdays mean a lot to people, especially to kids. Making it memorable includes having tasty foods. With more and more kids seemingly being picky eaters, it can be challenging to know what food to have for the birthday party. Imposing the healthy choices is usually a flop, though you do not want to go over the top with junk food either. Considering this, we at Married to Food Catering by Chef Marcel & Jeannie would like to offer a few suggestions to cater your kids’ birthday parties.

Fairy Bread

Making quite the impression with kids, fairy bread is lightly buttered bread covered in colored sugar sprinkles and the best thing about is that it comes in all manner of shapes, While the different shapes make them associate the bread with different kids’ play items, the colored sugar sprinkles attract kids.

Mini Sandwiches Appetizers

While still keeping them healthy with some veggies, having sandwiches during your kid’s birthday party is another great chance for you to provide the kids with enough calories. With different cheese spreads, meats, cucumbers, and some leaf salads to make the sandwiches and having them cut into themed shapes that correspond with the party, it will be a hit.

Taco Bar Toppings

Kids usually always enjoy tacos and having them at the birthday party can be just as good. Because they keep adding toppings one by one, and sometimes neglect the important ones, most people are put off by the idea of tacos. Ensure to add some beef and chicken and some veggies so that the kids have a variety to choose from. Remember to set the bar in a room with an easy to clean floor because with kids, it will likely get messy.

Mini Pizzas

Since pizza is the number one savory food for any type of event, having it a kid’s birthday party can never be wrong. You can have a build your pizza, crust cut into fun shapes and a variety of toppings to keep the kiddos busy.

Fruit Wands with Marshmallows

You do not want to stuff them with foods such as sugary bites and all sorts of crunches, though most kids prefer it. Present them with some fruit options to include healthy snacks in the party activities. Put some differently shaped watermelons at the top of the base of the stick. Since most of the kids do not always want to eat fruits, shaped melons pieces are put on the base of the stick will make the fruit offering look more attractive.

Unicorn Rainbow Cupcakes

Cupcakes is always the complete touch at a kid’s birthday party. When hosting your kid’s birthday party, because you are almost certain that all kids have an equal portion of the desert, cupcakes are usually the best idea. Add some food color dyes and the kids will keep coming back for more to make the dessert table even more colorful and exciting. Cupcakes can be just the finishing touch that gives the kids a boost of energy to finish the activities and is sure to be the tasty treat they look forward to.

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